Retrofit existing sprinkler to water saving drip or sprayer systems.

  • Drip
  • Micro Spray
  • Bubblers

The MPR converts standard sprays and bubblers to low water conserving micro irrigation. The MPR can be installed on a 1/2” riser or a fitting with 1/2” pipe thread. It has female pipe thread on the inlet and male pipe thread on the outlet. It is pre-set to 20 or 30 psi, no other adjustment is necessary. A separate pressure regulator is not necessary. It has a built in check valve and will be off til 25 PSI and then it regulates to set pressure. When shutting down it will shut off at 10 PSI. It is ideal for planters, patios, hanging plants or other areas with shrubs, trees or ground cover.

  • 1/2" FPT inlet
  • Operating pressure 20 to 100 PSI
  • Flow Range .1 to 5 GPM
  • Preset pressure 20 to 30 (see charts)
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